Time For A New Carport? How To Cool It Down During Those Long Hot Summers

If you don't have enough garage space for your cars, it's time to invest in a metal carport. Building a metal carport in your yard will give you the additional parking places you need to give your cars the protection they need. Not only that, but a metal carport will provide you with maintenance space so that you don't need to get your garage contaminated with engine fluids. One of the things you'll need to remember is that your metal carports may soak up the sun, and the heat, this summer. Here are four simple steps you can take to reduce the heat under your carport.

Choose a Protected Area of the Yard

When it comes to keeping your metal carport cool this summer, the first thing you need to do is choose the right location. You may think that choosing an area that's farther away from your home is the way to go. However, if you're trying to stay cool, that's the worst thing you can do. When setting your carport up, it's important that you choose a location that's closer to your home. That way, you can use the shade from your home to keep your carport cool. Not only that, but setting your carport up closer to your home will ensure that you don't have to walk as far when entering your home.

Install A Portable Misting System

If you've had to install your carport in the direct sunlight, or you just want an additional layer of sun protection, you need to install a portable misting system. The addition of a misting system will lower the temperature under your carport by several degrees, which will help keep you cool during the summer.

Go Beyond the Bare Metal

If the new carport you've purchased is bare metal, you'll want to give it a fresh coat of paint. Adding a fresh coat of a light color, in a water-base latex, will keep your carport cooler during those hot summer months. Not only that, but the water-base latex paint will be easier to clean up once you're done with the paint job. The reason you want to choose a light color is because dark colors absorb the heat while light colors reflect the heat, which will keep your carport cooler.

Keep the Air Circulating Under the Carport

If you're going to have lighting installed in your carport, don't forget to include an outdoor ceiling fan kit. Adding an outdoor ceiling fan to your carport lighting fixture will help keep the air circulating, which will help keep things cooler under your carport.

Now that you know how to keep your carport cool, reach out to a company like Coast to Coast Carports, Inc. to find the right metal carport for your yard. 

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