Tips For Organizing A Merchant Storage Unit

While you're getting started as an online merchant, self storage units are a great place to house your business inventory. But keeping the storage unit clean and accessible will be key to running your business effectively from this space. Here are some tips on how to organize the unit.

Label Each Box's Contents

The first step is to make sure that you have a list of your inventory; the easiest is to mark the sides of each box with the contents. You might also have a register that lists which products are in which stack or in which corner of the room, depending on how you organize the boxes.

Use Color Coding to Your Advantage

If you don't know the ins and outs of every single box in your unit, you can still navigate quickly if you use color coding to mark boxes that contain different kinds of products. It's much easier to quickly scan for a specific color rather than trying to read what you wrote on the sides of each box.

Keep Notes of Every Change

At the same time, have a log that you use to track any changes that happen within the unit. For example, if you remove product from a box, write down the day and the number of items removed. This helps you keep an active inventory for each box.

Have Rollers

Rollers allow you to easily stack similar boxes in a column. You can also move these around easily to reorganize the unit without having to restack each column manually. It allows you to make the most of a smaller unit and navigate easily without breaking a sweat.

Keeping Packing and Shipping Items on Hand

Another tip is to make it possible for you to get the items from your inventory and ship them in one trip. This will mean that you need to leave room for a packing area within your storage unit and keep it stocked with boxes and labels, plus all of the high-quality packing supplies you need. You simply pick up the items that you are selling, package them, and then stop by the postal service on the same trip.

These steps will help you keep an efficient shop going out of your storage unit. Don't forget to also add the storage location to your commercial property insurance so that all of the items in your storage unit are covered by your insurance policy.

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